About Me

Rhonda BurkeA new season, another cosmetic update! Such is my life… and I like it like that. :)

There are things that God has blessed me with that I love. So, without further ado, for those who don’t know me personally, here are just a few of my “loves” – in no particular order.

1. flowers

2. all horses – especially my horses, Skip (who is now riding on the wings of the wind in Heaven) and my new little mare, Sassy. :)

3. my dogs and kitties

4. Paris – the architecture, the lights, the music, the Tower, the quaintness of the small towns and villages

5. outdoor cafe’s – especially in Europe

6. chocolate (what girl doesn’t?)

7. old rustic things – especially furniture and rusty stars

8. old barns

9. rolling hills and landscapes

10. beautiful cakes

11. great style like flowing gowns or country chic

12. things that are soft – just about anything soft looking or feeling

13. The Hallmark Channel

14. music – just about any type

15. God (this should go without saying, but I’m saying)

16. my husband Steve (this should also go without saying, but…)

17. family (see the above disclaimer)

18. embroidery – specifically thread painting

19. a good hard-to-put-down book

20. a sweet wine with pear in it

21. hazelnut creamer in my coffee

22. bluebirds

23. western coats, boots, hats and attire – but not the blingy stuff

24. girly overstuffed chairs with ottomans that I can cram all my books, crocheting and other stuff in

25. stars – all kinds of stars including the ones you can see from my pasture :)

Well, that’s all for now …  more to come later!


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