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~ Rhonda aka Petunia


  1. Margaret from Newmarket says:

    Did you live in Lakenheath in early/mid 80’s? Looking for a Rhonda Larson and this page came up when I googled Rhonda Larson and Lakenheath.

    • Hi Margaret,

      I did used to live in Lakenheath in the early 80’s. In fact, my daughter Shannon was born there in 1984 on the Air Force base. Unfortunately, my name isn’t now or then Larson. I almost feel like it should be because what a coincidence! I also had a friend around that time named Rhonda but could not remember her last name. She was married to an African-American man also in the Air Force.

      Perhaps you got my site because I may have written about Lakenheath in one of my posts?

      I hope you find her :)

  2. Hello I nominated you for the “Shine On Awards.” For more information visit http://theshowear.wordpress.com.kisses

  3. I love the title of your blog!

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